Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Arcade

I was at some big arcade with E, J, S, and P. I separated from our group for a bit to walk around. I saw tons of game machines that I hadn't seen in years, alongside plenty of more recent ones. For example, I saw an arcade cabinet of Rival Schools. Now, I wasn't thinking about this in the dream, but thinking about it now, yep, that was a dream. Arcade cabinets of Rival Schools basically don't exist anymore. That's impossible (no it's not). I also saw arcade cabinets for things that are probably not supposed to be arcade games. I saw Pokemon, and wondered, "Why?" Pokemon's not exactly something you play for a few minutes. But there were other outlandish things there too...

I spotted P at a gun dueling game. The idea was that the machine tracked your movements so you could dodge bullets. There's a game like this called Too Spicy, but this dream gun dueling game was different. Well, by one part. A part that probably shouldn't exist. In between rounds, the screen would flash the words 'DRINK UP' in colorful, big letters, and then a compartment within the machine would open up and dispense a small cup of beer. According to P, on extreme mode it dispenses shots. I left him to continue his duels.

Next, I found J. J was playing beat'em up. It was flashy and a little generic looking, but it seemed fun. But I started noticing something about the game. So, in beat'em games, you usually find items lying around to pick up. Like weapons or food to recover your health. In the game J was playing, every single item was KNIVES. Apparently it was also one of those games that gave you tickets. But I didn't see tickets coming out of the side of the machine. To the left of J's seat, there were knives piling up instead of tickets (At arcades, tickets are usually used to exchange for prizes). Looked like he was doing pretty well in game and wasn't taking damage, so I left him. Maybe he'd get a high score or something.

Last, I found E and S at some kind of... I don't really know what kind of game that was. There were lots of dogs. E called over to me, "Come over here, you have to see this!" and so I did. S briefly explained to me what the game was about, but for some reason, I didn't understand anything that was being said. Imagine hearing a language you've never heard before. Then E interrupted him and said, "Look!" and pushed a button on the machine. Some lights flashed, and a small door in the machine opened up. A puppy walked out, grew wings, and then flew away. "I don't understand." I said aloud.

Then I woke up.