Monday, July 28, 2014

Not Exactly Guard Work

I was driving on my way to some facility. As I'm driving, I get a call from my superior. "Hey, I've instructed your clients to meet you at the facility's break room. Listen up kid, this isn't particularly like your usual jobs. So there's not gonna be anyone you'll need to knock out in case things get messy." I drive past a few street lights and ask her, "What do you mean, boss? I just gotta keep an eye out on things, right?" My superior then responds, "Well of course, it's just that there won't be any immediate threats on this one. So be alert. Be a little more flexible tonight." I soon arrived at the facility.

 It was huge, kind of like the Microsoft buildings. I walked on in and showed my identification and headed straight for the break room. Apparently it was a specific one. A lot of employees there would roll their eyes at me and dismiss the fact that it was a break room. Some of them would look at me and say, "That's a break room?" and send me on my way. I would soon find out why a lot of the people here didn't really call it a break room.

I opened the door and saw multiple white boards, cork boards, and even some of the walls covered with some formulas or information. On the floor and counters, there were various disposable coffee cups and instant ramen cups lying around. A hot water machine on the counter was plugged in and very close to becoming a fire hazard, so I unplugged it and got it away from the water. There were also tons of papers scattered, all with information I couldn't really understand. Almost like it was in a different language. I looked around, wondering where my clients were. Then I found them. In two separate lounge chairs, E and G were sitting passed out next to their laptops and some more cups of coffee. Thankfully both of them were still alive. I woke up after I reported back to my superior.

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