Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Grassland Noon

I was standing there at that grass field again. Standing beside me was 'myself'. The same one that held me back in a previous dream. Normally, I'd want to run away from him, or fight him. But for this dream, I simply stood by him. If this was supposed to be a reflection of what I was before, maybe I just needed to hang around for a few moments. And in those few moments, my 'self' faded away. It started becoming night time and the moon illuminated the grass field. I decided to walk through it once again, then I woke up.

The grass field always seems to be the place that shows up the most in my dreams. It's a weird place because dreaming of being there never signifies a good or bad dream. It goes either way. It's usually never hot and only fairly cloudy. There aren't a lot of trees around and the grass stretches for miles and miles beyond what the eye can see. I kind of wish I could go to a place like it some day.

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