Friday, July 18, 2014


I fell back asleep earlier this morning and dreamed again...

I had gotten one of the two jobs I have been working towards getting. For one of my assignments, I was sent a little farther away in Washington. Around that area, I learned that a friend was there. E. I decided to visit her since I don't get to see her often. So after I finish up my job, I start going to her hotel. Right before I can even reach her hotel room, I get a call from head quarters telling me that I have specifically become an agent in high demand for work. My boss told me to return as soon as possible. I wanted to stay around, but I couldn't. I was needed elsewhere. I knocked on E's door, and there she was. The dream must've taken place in the future, both of us looked like we were older. E was wearing business casual clothes with her hair tied back. She must've just gotten back from doing lab work. We chatted for a short while. I had a feeling I wouldn't be seeing her again for a long time, so I told her goodbye. Before leaving, I gave her my business card. It had my name, and under that name was "Professional Protective Services" and "Elite Guardian". When I took the elevator down, I woke up.

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