Thursday, June 5, 2014


I was driving my van going somewhere. K and E were with me, but neither of them were up front with me in the front passenger seat. They were both in the back staring out the windows. Apparently, we were going to a fancy buffet that was located at the top of a mountain somewhere. K told me to go faster. E also told me to go faster. But there wasn't really anything I could do. As I was driving, I quickly looked at my rear view mirror and I see K and E putting something together. It was starting to glow. Before I can ask what it is, K leans forward from her seat and shoves that glowing something into the dashboard and it just kinda gets absorbed into it. The van transforms... Into a train... Like a locomotive. Then E follows up and does the same and puts another glowing something into the dashboard and now the train can fly. I look into my side mirror (do trains even have side mirrors?), and see that the train is... Creating rainbows? Or something. I DON'T KNOW, BUT IT HAPPENED.

We flew to the top of a mountain and crashed into a building, then my music teacher from middle school started lecturing me on why I shouldn't fly trains into buildings. Also, this building was the one we were looking for, according to K and E. It was the fancy buffet. A staff member approached me and asked how many people in my group will be eating, and then casually asks me not to fly trains into the building. The way he said it sounded like trains crashing into the building was a normal occurrence. I don't remember what else happened before I woke up.

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