Saturday, June 28, 2014


There was a lot of tight hallways, only enough room for maybe two people to be walking side by side. I have a radio at my side, and I get called on it. J tells me that I'm in a place for target practice. He says it's a time trial, so that means I have to keep moving as fast as possible to shoot down the targets. I ask him where I can get a gun, and he tells me that is also part of the test: to find the gun.

Holy crap, that hallway place was bullshit. I got lost super fast after finding the gun. I shot down a bunch of targets and I couldn't find any. I got frustrated and then radioed back to J for help. He did answer back, but I didn't hear anything... It sounded more like J knocked over the radio and it happened to land on its side on the button. All I hear is... The sounds of Pokemon. The music, the sound effects, everything. "Hey, what the hell man, I'm lost over here. ARE YOU PLAYING POKEMON RIGHT NOW?"


Then I woke up.

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