Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I was walking away from the parking lot and down the hill at school. It was very cold, and the ground was frozen and the school was covered in snow. Everyone was wearing ice skates and using them to get around school. I didn't have ice skates. I instead just stood sideways and slid across the ice. It was kinda neat, but I still wish I knew how to ice skate. Something was going on in the gym building, so I headed on over there.

Once inside, it looked like no one was really there. It was nice and warm inside the building, you'd think more people would go in. But then I figured out where everyone was at. Inside the gymnasium of course. I opened the door and there's a lot of people seated at the bleachers. In the center of the gym is E. She's playing badminton with someone. Some guy wearing a suit... Weird. Anyways, she looked like she won pretty easily. Then she got into an argument with her opponent, and it looked like it was getting pretty bad. Then somehow, it turned into a sword fight. A sword fight which she also won. I don't know where they even got the swords from.

The next part of the dream is another part I can't remember well. It had something to do with rainbow colored cupcakes. I distinctly remember E telling me it should've been different shades of blue instead of a rainbow. Other than that, I don't remember what happened before I woke up.

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