Sunday, June 1, 2014


I was driving late at night. I get a call from my teacher telling me to get to the hospital soon. I start driving to the hospital. It's supposed to be another busy night and they need my help. When I got into the hospital, it was chaotic. So much people were packed into one room, moving all over the place. No one stopped moving, not even for just a moment. Commands by the doctors were being shouted left and right all over the place. The work I did was all a blur, I don't remember how many times I set up bed, did blood draws, transferred patients, or placed on EKGs. At the end of work, I left and started driving home. I got a text from my teacher telling me "It's not over." Then I woke up.

I bet once I start working in the hospital, it'll be crazy like this on some days.

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