Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I was over at N's house with P. They were making a video game, and I was testing it out. It was a 2D fighting game. Like most fighting games, the objective is to defeat your opponent, to knock them out. Some fighting games have ring outs, or forcing  your opponent off the stage. This one had it too, but there was an interesting twist to it. Another part of this game was that you can destroy parts of the area you're fighting in. By manipulating the stage, you can make it easier for you (and your opponent) to ring out. So for example, you could jump down to a platform below your opponent and then destroy the pillars supporting their platform. A lot of the game was incomplete. The graphics were un-textured and a lot of the characters were pretty much human-shaped blocks. I woke up after messing around with the game a few hours while chatting with N and P.

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