Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fast Food

I was working at some fast food restaurant with E. G was our boss. Well, that is until he quit. Business was continuing as usual, then all of a sudden, G took his schedule, ripped it apart and left. We don't know why G left. I assume the real G would've left either way.

The food at the restaurant looked fine. It smelled fine, but everything smelled like fries. I understand that most fast food restaurants smell like french fries, but you know something's not right when a burger still doesn't smell like a burger when it's up close. I wonder what happened to the FRESH vegetables that made them smell like fries. My job was preparing food, and E's job was to prepare all the drinks like coffee, milkshakes, and smoothies. It wasn't very busy. Then we got on break.

E handed me a cup of coffee that would've went to waste because a customer didn't want it anymore. The cup of coffee also smelled like fries. Tasted like coffee, but smelled like fries. Still confused on that. E sat down and started eating a burger. I joined her and we chatted for a bit, but then she got up and told me she'd be right back. She ran outside. I wondered what was wrong and looked out where she went and I saw her over at the bushes vomiting. This made me reconsider eating anything at this restaurant and then I poured my cup of coffee into the sink and threw the cup away. When E returned, there was a new boss. The new boss was kind, and then she gave E a gift card worth a lot of money to apologize to her for the food making her sick.

I can't remember what happened next, but I definitely remember the last part of the dream. Before waking up, I remember E opening a bunch of trading card packs and ignoring customers who were standing in line.

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