Sunday, June 8, 2014


I was watching a movie in a theater with N and A. I can't remember what the movie was about, but when the movie was over, N and A had to leave to go somewhere. I later met up with K and we chatted about... Something. I can't remember what it was. She had to go somewhere too, so we split up. I walked down a sidewalk for a while until I bumped into G and J. They told me they were gonna go play pool and invited me to come along. I agree, and then something hits me in the back of the head and I blackout for a moment and fall over. I was only out for maybe... Ten seconds? I'm on my back (how did I land on my back if I fell forward?) and I open my eyes and see E holding a stun gun and K holding a club. Then K smacks me on the side of my head with the club and E shoves the stun gun into my neck. The last thing I hear before knocking out is J saying, "Sorry bro."

I wake up on a bed in a small room. Although it was kind of tiny, it felt cozy. I saw a mirror and looked into it. There's a bruise on the side of my head and a welt on my neck. Ouch. Next to the mirror is a window. Glancing out of it, I figured out I was on a plane. Or something. I get out of the room and find everyone I met with earlier playing at pool tables. I'm confused, why did they have to knock me out with clubs and stun guns? I find G and ask him about it. He tells me, "We thought you weren't gonna come along with us, so we planned on knocking you out and dragging your ass over here. But then you agreed to come along, totally thought you'd say no. Wasn't planning on that, so then E and K knocked you out before I could really say anything." I laugh about it and then look around. The last thing I remember before waking up is E beating my Dad at pool and then taking his money.

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