Saturday, June 7, 2014

Box of Things

I was traveling on foot with S. We were in a grass field walking. We were collecting bugs or something for a project. We had a bunch of different things, but none of them were bugs I think I've ever seen before. Except for the beetles. S tripped over, and our box of bugs and things spilled open. Our bugs escaped except for the beetles. We took a break and sat down for a moment to look at our remaining beetles. There were two big ones, each about the size of a fist. They were fighting. Me and S just stared at them as they clashed.

Neither one of them were giving up. Didn't look like they were gonna stop anytime soon. Then along came E. She looked over at the box, and then to us. "Are you guys playing Pokemon?" She asked.
"No, we just found two beetles and-" but then E cuts me off, "Can I play too?" then E drops a small, light-blue turtle into the box. I wonder where she got it... And why the turtle was in her pocket... I just stare into the box and watch this small turtle walk around in circles as the two beetles continue fighting. I look over at E and she has a big smile on her face, expecting something exciting I guess.

The rest of the dream was pretty much staring at a box with a blue turtle and two beetles inside. I remember there being a bright light before I woke up.

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