Sunday, May 4, 2014


I was in some kind of research facility. Looking out of a window, I learned that the whole building was underwater. Then I went and took a look around. The place was mostly empty until I walked into a really cool area. It was a tunnel. The floor was made of steel, and then the walls were curved like a half pipe, they were made of glass. You could walk through and see the ocean all around you. It was kind of like an aquarium. But here's the creepy part. The facility was deep underwater, so you would walk around and see all sorts of weird deep sea creatures.

Around the middle of the glass tunnel, I met with E. She was staring out into the deep sea. I was about to ask what she was looking at, and then I glanced over to where she was looking. A large bird was walking through the water. Not swimming, walking. E started writing down things on a clipboard, then walked off to the other end of the tunnel. I followed her, and then the bird followed us side-by-side outside the tunnel. I woke up after we exited the tunnel.

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