Friday, May 30, 2014

Survival Horror

I was at a hospital wandering around. It was night time and no one else was there. A lot of doors were locked and I was trying to leave. Every once in awhile, I would hear some footsteps. There were different ones. Some sounded normal, and others sounded louder, like someone who was dragging their feet or pounding down on the floor. A lot of the doors that were locked didn't use traditional keys. Lots of them needed a key card or something like that. I heard some light footsteps coming closer and turned around to see J and E. J was holding a flashlight, and E was holding a key card. Farther down the hallway behind them were a pair of zombies slowly coming our way. We started running and going through all of the doors trying to open them with the key card.

I don't remember how the dream ended.

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