Saturday, May 17, 2014


I was in Seattle walking around downtown. It was slightly cloudy with the sun breaking through as it was beginning to set. I got a text from G telling me we were going to a bar. A few minutes later, I get a text from E saying she would be late. It seemed to be a little less busy in Seattle. There was still a lot of people moving along, but not as much as I thought. Downtown's a popular spot and all, so it's kinda weird to see less people than usual. I'm pretty horrible with directions, so I spend a good amount of time wandering around and being lost before arriving at the bar. By the time I got there, it was dark.

The door to the bar was large and heavy. It looked like it was made of wood with all of these fancy decorations, but it was actually made of... Something else. It felt like some kind of hard plastic. I pulled on the door handle and struggled to open it. Then I used two hands. What the hell kind of bar has a door like that? It felt like I was pulling around two hundred plus pounds. How the hell does this place get business? I got inside and found that I was the first person there. G and E were nowhere to be seen. The bar wasn't busy, only a few customers were inside. I got a booth for us and sat down. Just as I pick up the menu, I get a text from E asking me to help her and G open the door. And so I did. The second time around, the door felt easier to open. Probably because I had E and G helping on the other side. We got back in, sat in the booth and spent awhile eating and chatting until it was time to go.

A TV in the bar quickly switches to breaking news. I don't really remember what the reporter was saying. I do remember what I saw on that screen. Things were getting bad outside. I saw lots of people running and words flashing across the screen that said unknown. The news quickly got cut off. My first thought was to get my friends out of Seattle. We got out of the bar and got separated quickly. The crowd was rushing through and I got carried along with it. I saw that E and G were still safe, but the two were disappearing from my sight. I finally broke out of the crowd and started running back to my two friends. I found them on the side, away from the crowd...

G was hurt, bruised and bleeding, but okay. E on the other hand, was sick. Sick with something, we didn't know what it was. I didn't even need to ask if she was okay or not. I touched her hand and it was ice cold. Looking at her face, she was turning pale. I took her hand to find her pulse. It was slowing down. I glanced around quickly and saw another person who was sick. It didn't look like the same sickness that E had. That guy's skin was turning into a strange, purple color and his arm had a wound on it. He was quickly taken away by someone else, to get somewhere safe I assume. I asked G what happened. "We were bumped by the crowd. I got beat up a little, but it's nothing serious. I don't know how E got this way." he replied. We didn't want her to get any worse, so I picked her up and G lead us to the nearest hospital.

Somehow we managed to make it inside. The emergency room was extremely busy, but we managed to get E help. The hospital staff got her all set up, vitals being read and everything into another room. Her condition was stabilizing. E was sleeping peacefully. Everything seemed like it was fine, but it was extremely quiet. All I could hear was the sounds of me, G and E breathing, and the sound of the EKG (electrocardiogram; it's the thing you see in hospitals that shows that zig-zag line every time your heart beats) beeping. I told G to say in the room and stepped out for a moment. There were no emergency department staff running around. They were on the floor dead. G poked his head out of the door to ask if things were okay and I told him to get back in and to shut the door and lock it. One by one, the corpses in front of me started rise up and shamble their way towards me. They were now undead. I was surrounded, there was no way out of it. The last thing I remember before waking up was seeing E and G get away from the zombies.

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