Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I dreamed I was a child. I was lost in a forest alone. Through the trees, a few beams of light shined down through. The forest wasn't too thick, but I was still lost and alone, I was terrified. Running around in random directions got me nowhere. No matter how far I went, I was still stuck in this forest. I called out for help, from anyone. No one answered. I guess no one would really hear anyone lost in the middle of a forest all alone. I continued walking until I found a tree stump. I thought I would find someone around, a tree stump means someone had to be around to cut it, right? But there was no indication of the tree ever falling onto the ground. Like it had been cut and then got lifted out into the sky. There was still no answer, so then I sat down on the tree stump.

I started to cry, I was helpless and I didn't know what to do. I was sitting down for what felt like hours. Then suddenly, another person came walking along. She was wearing a simple dress and a hat. The hat made it hard to see her face. She took me by the hand and we started walking. As we were walking, she would glance down at something in her other hand. She handed it to me and it was a compass. The direction for North was circled with a marker and it was the way we were headed. The walk was quiet, and this woman kept holding my hand as we made our way through the forest. Eventually, we got out of the forest and arrived at a large field of grass. The sun was going down, and the sun looked like it was sinking into the grass far off. All of a sudden there was a gust of wind. It blew off the woman's hat. It was E.

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