Friday, May 9, 2014

More Lab Work

I was in an auditorium sitting down. At the center of the stage was E. She was presenting something. Usually, I can keep up with E because I know enough about science to understand her. But what she was saying in this dream sounded extremely complicated. I don't think I understood her at all. Behind her were various charts and graphs. When she ended her presentation, the whole room applauded. I was still confused, I had no idea what she just presented. Then the dream shifted off to something else. Or I just don't remember the transition. Probably the latter.

E, M, and G were in a lab working on something. I don't know why I was there. M left the lab without really saying anything. All he did was turn towards us, point, snap his fingers, and leave. G came up to me and asked me to hold out my hand. I did so, and he dropped a dead tarantula in my hand. E told me to get rid of it. She also told me to take part of her old research project down to a different lab. I tossed the dead tarantula in a trash can (probably not a proper way to dispose of something that came from a lab) and asked E what it was. "It's kind of heavy, but I think you handle it. I was researching the effects of this on humans. It only makes people depressed." and then E takes me to another room inside the lab and points at a big rock. No, it was more like a boulder. It had cracks running through it that glowed with a soft blue light. "It wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be." she said. "Shouldn't I be wearing any protective equipment or something? How safe is it for me to even touch this?" I asked. "It's not that big of a deal, you can just grab it." E replies. So then I lifted the boulder out of the lab.

I can't remember the later parts of this dream. I do remember M running around with a fish tank. Full of scissors. That was weird. Then I woke up.

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