Saturday, May 24, 2014

Message in a Bottle

I was walking alongside the shore at a beach. Waves coming in from the ocean gently washed over my feet as I walked on the sand. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, but it wasn't too hot. There was a gentle breeze blowing across the beach. I took a seat down in front of the shore to watch the waves and listen. I closed my eyes and concentrated on those sounds alone. All of a sudden, a large wave crashes in and something lands into my lap.

I opened my eyes and looked down. A bottle from the ocean was now sitting in my lap. It had a message in it. Naturally, I was curious, so I opened the bottle and took a look at the letter inside.
"I'm gonna get you :) -E" was written inside. I stood up and looked at the letter again. At first, I wondered why E would write a message in a bottle like this. Then I turned around to leave the beach and found E. "Found you!" she said with a smile. But one odd thing. She was hiding a hand behind her back. She walked towards me slowly and the revealed that she was hiding A STUN GUN behind her back and tried to hit me with it. I dodged her first hit and started running. E started chasing me while laughing. I could hear her activating the stun gun, and the loud zapping noise only made me run harder. I looked back to see how far she was from me. This was a mistake. I tripped over something and fell. I woke up after she zapped me with the stun gun.

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