Thursday, May 8, 2014


I was at school in the library. I was helping E put together a jigsaw puzzle. We were about halfway done to completing it. I could see what vaguely looked like a map. Then all of a sudden, "I think I've figured something out." says E with a smile. I don't know what she meant, but as I was working on the rest of the puzzle, she took her hand over to the edge of it and then scattered all of the pieces off of the table and onto the floor. Then she grabbed me by the wrist, pulled me over to the printers, printed something, and we left the library.

She lead me to the cafeteria and we sat there for a few hours staring at the pages she printed out. The pages were various maps both modern and ancient. While I was trying to figure out what were even doing with them, E was busy flipping through them and circling parts of them with a marker. Then I woke up.

But then I saw it was like, what, I dunno, around 5 in the morning? So then I went back to sleep. Somehow, it was like the dream continued from where I left off.

I was on a luxurious cruise liner. On the door of my room, there was a few papers taped onto it. The first one was some of the weird maps that E was looking at. The second one was a crudely drawn map of the ship's interior. It was hard to understand, but there was a red circle that showed me where I was, and then practically on the opposite end of the ship was another red circle showing me where to go. On the bottom corner of this paper was written "Go here and steal the artifact. -E"

I can't remember a lot of details about how this dream ended, but it involved E telling me to assassinate some corrupt politician. Then I woke up.

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