Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get Away

I was waiting in an elevator that was going up. All of a sudden, another me appears next to me. He stands still, and doesn't particularly seem to care about what's going on around him. Didn't even notice I was next to him. Then I get a text. It's from E. The text said, "Use the clone to escape. This is your only chance." The elevator stops at a floor and two security guards rush inside. They take the fake me and arrest him on the spot, then turn towards me. I ran out of the elevator and started sprinting away. I'm inside a big mall or something, and more guards starting chasing after me. I wonder what I did to make them pursue me. Since too many of them start showing up, the only option I have is to go down. I find the escalators and start getting down them as fast as I can. I trip and start rolling down the escalator. Once I hit the bottom, I stand back up and continue running. Somehow, I made it from what seemed like the third floor all the way to the ground floor by rolling down one escalator. At the entrance, K shows up with another one of my clones and throws it at the guards. She motions at me to follow her, and I do so.

I followed her into a van. I guess this was the getaway vehicle. E and G were also there. I don't know who was driving. I asked K what those clones were. "Nothing really. They're basically ultra-realistic mannequins. You couldn't really tell the difference from normal people until you start noticing that they aren't actually alive." Then E tells me, "We made two to experiment. You were in trouble, so it was the perfect excuse to use them. I also wanted to get rid of them because G kept doing stupid things to them." Then I look over at G, and he just laughs. No G, nooooo. The van stops somewhere. E says to me, "You should be safe now. We have some more things at the lab to work on, so we're gonna drop you off here." I say goodbye and thank E, G, and K then leave the van.

I was standing in front of grocery store and watched as the van drove off. I had nothing better to do, so I went inside of the grocery store. That grocery store... Wasn't really a grocery store. Sure, it looked like one. But it totally wasn't. That place only sold one thing. Every single thing there was pizza. Like, imagine going into a grocery store, and all the boxes of food are pizza. You go to the vegetable and fruits section, bins just full of pizza. You look inside the refrigerators near the cash register that usually have bottled drinks in them, and there's bottled pizza instead. Pizza. Everywhere. While wandering around, I found P. He said to me, "This place should not exist." Before I could ask what he was doing here, he pulls out a bass guitar and plays it as he exits this weird store. I follow him outside and signaled to a taxi to get away from the pizza place. I woke up after getting into the taxi.

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