Sunday, May 11, 2014


Kept waking up and falling back asleep. Again, another weird dream I remember a little more clearly from a nap.

I was lost in a forest during daytime. The trees were so tall that sunlight only barely reached the bottom. Everything was cold and wet, probably not a good place to get lost in. The weirdest part about the forest is that forest floor wasn't dirt. It was a tile floor with cracks running through all of it. Maybe this place used to be part of an ancient civilization? I walked through this strange forest for hours.

It started getting darker. The sun must have been starting to set. As it got darker, the forest got even colder and a fog started to surround the forest. I continued to wander in random directions as the fog grew thicker and thicker. I started running with no clear direction. I just wanted to leave. As I ran through the foggy forest, I started to hear rattling noises. All around me, skeletons started to rise up from underneath the fog and slowly shamble towards me. I kept running even harder to stay away from them.

The fog became incredibly thick as I kept on running. It got to a point where I was basically just running through a white space. Which is weird, since it was also getting dark. I ran face first and slammed into a wall and backed up. It was a mirror, and my reflection was missing. All I could see were the skeletons slowing closing in on me. Then I woke up.

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