Wednesday, May 21, 2014

False Claims

I was driving around in an abandoned city. My dog was with me in the passenger seat. The city was covered in dust and an overgrowth of plants. It was like seeing nature reclaim its territory. The roads were cracked and lots of old and beaten up cars were on the sides of the streets. I stopped by at an apartment space and walked around inside. I left my dog in the car.

The apartment's lobby was very dirty. Covered in dust with broken furniture and dead plants lying around. Other than that, I found a very large dog. It looked like a bernese mountain dog, very big and fluffy. It had puppies with it. The dogs here were very friendly. I decided to leave them alone and headed back to the car. I drove off away to return... Somewhere. I remember trying to go back to somewhere.

I got out of the city and ended up at a classroom. E and G were there, along with a bunch of other people I don't know. It was a high school classroom, and a teacher there was walking back and forth yelling at the whole class. Something about someone possessing drugs. I remember him yelling at G and G responding back to the teacher calmly. The teacher didn't care, he just wanted someone to be in trouble. E was reading a book and ignoring the teacher. The teacher then pointed at me and said I was the one who had the drugs. I told him that it couldn't be me if I had just arrived. The dream ended after he grabbed me and I punched him in the stomach.

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