Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dream On

I took a nap and dreamed up something odd. I was in something like an electronics store. Each TV was playing a different movie. A tall man in a suit stood next to me and glanced over all of the TVs. I took a quick look at him. He had short, black, slicked back hair and skin that looked like it shined. He had no face. Creepy. I glanced back over the TVs and noticed something. Almost every TV had parts of other dreams I remember having. Mostly recent ones, so I saw E on a lot of those TVs. The man in the suit pulled out a remote control, and with the touch of a button every single TV shut off.

"One day you'll stop dreaming." he said to me. I was confused. How does someone stop dreaming? Or did he mean something else? "What does it mean to stop dreaming?" I asked. "It's just what's going to happen." he replied back. "No, explain what it means to stop dreaming." I said. The man looked down at the ground and fell silent. I thought he had no answer for me, and then he said to me, "Dreams are..." and then he offered me the remote. I reached out and took the remote from him and he faded away before my eyes, slowly turning into smoke that vanished and dissipated into the air. I used the remote to turn the TVs back on and I woke up after exiting the store.

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