Thursday, May 1, 2014


I was at an arcade. E and P were with me. We were walking around looking for games to play, then E suddenly disappeared. I turned around to look for her, and I found her sitting at some fancy looking arcade game chess. It was really neat, you would move the pieces on the board, then you'd see these cinematics on the TV screen in front of it. Like, I saw E take out someone's King with a Knight, and on the screen is an armored knight on a horse attacking a king. Me and P decided to move along and leave her be, she looked like she was having fun.

P was looking for some complicated sounding arcade game. The way he described it to me was that... Uh... It was something like a beat'em up mixed with something that integrates your Facebook data and some other details I can't remember. We couldn't find the game's arcade cabinet anywhere. "Fuck this place." says P while he heads to the bar which this arcade apparently has. I walk around the arcade some more and then I woke up.

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