Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I was in some sort of academy that was fantastic. The classes were amazing and there were so many good learning tools, great teachers, all sorts of technology. One problem though. There were delinquents everywhere. I started to notice how bad the student population was after I got out of my first class. I walk out and I see tons of students writing on walls, skateboarding or rollerskating or biking indoors, destroying school property, doing drugs in plain sight. It was chaotic. How did a place with such high quality learning facilities end up with students like this? It looked like there was no security guards keeping this place in check.

While on my back to my student housing, which I apparently had according to a slip of paper in my pocket, I saw a bully beating up a student. I beat up the bully and for some reason, I stole his wallet without really thinking about it. I laughed in his face about it and headed for a stairwell and started running up it. There were more idiots hanging around trying to grab me. One of them did and he started to choke me. Suddenly, I heard a gunshot, and the person strangling me fell over and rolled down the stairs. I look up and see P aiming a revolver in my direction. He calmly places the gun into his coat pocket and says, "See you back at the house later. I'm busy." Then he walks past me on the stairs and continues down.

I get to the top floor of the building and head on over to the balcony and I'm found by the bully who I stole from. He yells at me to give him back his wallet, and then I tossed the wallet off of the balcony. Then I grabbed the bully and tossed him off the balcony too. The fall should have injured him, but in this dream he just stood back up after hitting the ground and screamed profanities at me from the ground floor. While on the balcony, I found something glowing. It was a red box that was sealed shut. I picked it up and headed on over to my student house. Man, what the hell was with me in this dream? Just picking stuff up that's not mine and beating up people.

The student house was very secure. The only way I got in was by scanning my hand print, scanning my retina, inputting a password, and then doing some specific action to verify it was me. In my case, it was to lift a 50 pound dumb bell with one arm. Apparently the specific action was different for everyone. I got in and saw that P was sitting at a table next to a fireplace sorting through some files while drinking. E strolled past me and took the glowing red box from my hands and explained nothing. I heard her mumble something about DNA, synapses, and MRIs. I woke up after going to my room.

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