Monday, April 7, 2014

Something About Magic

I was sitting in a classroom, dimly lit by candles. The school was a place for learning magic. Friend E was the teacher, and Friend G was sitting next to me. E was teaching something about... Enchantments? I dunno, things were glowing. During the lecture, my phone went off during class. E pointed at me and I felt a rumble in my left pocket. I reached for my pocket to see what happened, and my phone had been turned into dust. She told me to go stand in the hallway.

About five minutes later, G had also been sent out to the hall alongside me. "Wait, what? What did you do?" I asked. G replied, "I read ahead in the textbook and casted a spell that created a glowing, flying-" Before he could finish his sentence, Friends S and J were also sent outside to the hallway. They were sent out because whatever G did, it was so hilarious that they could not stop laughing. E came out of the classroom and handed all of us detention slips. Then I woke up.

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