Monday, April 14, 2014

Lab Work

I was at school in my night class. My teacher was teaching us... Anything. That class is supposed to be about hospital stuff, but I remember learning stuff about math and playing random instruments. The dream transitioned into something radically different very quickly.

I was in a place like a military base that was located on an island. It was a busy place, lots of people running around. Some kind of research was taking place, and I was one of the security guards. Friends E and G were working on something. I did my job and patrolled the area. My shift was ending, so I decided to walk to the lab to say hello to E and G. I was about to open the door to the lab, but then I took a look through the window. They were arguing with the other researchers. I don't remember what they were talking about, but they were having a discussion about something. G stormed out of the lab and walked past me without noticing I was there. He was really mad. E soon followed. She told me, "You should get out of here soon. Something bad's going to happen." and then she left. I went outside of the lab towards the docks, wondering about how the hell I should even leave, then I see E and G leave on a helicopter. Their helicopter fades away in the distance as it gets away from the island. I start to hear loud, growling noises...

Behind me, dinosaur-like creatures break out of the lab building. They start attacking people and I start running. I bump into someone I don't recognize, and he gets tackled to the ground by one of these dinosaur things. I watch as he gets torn to bits. After the creature had its fill of eating that stranger, it turns towards me and slowly advances towards me. Suddenly, a box falls from the sky and crushes the creature. As it falls, the box collapses and the contents spill out. It's chocolate milk. I look up and see E and G's helicopter. They came back.

I radio to them, "Are you two gonna pick me up?" then G responds, "Hell no, get to higher ground. I'm not gonna let those things jump on the helicopter." I start trying to figure out where I can get to the roof, and then I hear another loud noise coming out of the lab building. The front entrance BURSTS open with flames. A huge, dragon-like creature emerges from the rubble and roars. It looks up to the sky and unleashes a breath of fire. "Use this, I'm sure you'll be fine." E says over the radio. A smaller box drops from the helicopter and lands right into my hands. I open it, and there's a tiny knife. "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" I yell back. But the helicopter's already turned around and leaving. I can't remember what happened after this, but it involved the President of the United States. Then I woke up.

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