Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Driving Around

I was driving to go somewhere, and Dad was with me. I took a wrong turn and got lost for a little while. Instead of helping me get back on track, all Dad did was tell me how much I suck at driving. After a little bit, I figured out where to go and got back on the right path to... Somewhere. Suddenly, the car started spinning...

When it stopped spinning, I was somewhere else. It was a more familiar area, closer to my home. Dad wasn't in the car anymore, and instead, S was there. He was passed out and asleep. So naturally, I took him home. When I got to his house, I woke him up and told him where we were. He was really exhausted, so I helped him out of the car and back into his house. I returned back to my car, sat down and fastened my seat belt. Looking to my right, someone else was sitting in the passenger seat. It was E.

E looked visibly upset and told me, or rather, commanded me to take her somewhere fun. The closest place I could think of was the mall, so I headed on over there. On the way, I tried to cheer her up with random stories from my past (huh, so I do that to people in my dreams too) and she didn't really care. I wonder what was wrong... We got to the mall, and it was NOT the same mall. It kind of reminded me of the Mall of America. It's a huge mall with tons of attractions inside, including its own indoor theme park. We went up to the upper floors because E was interested in something, but then she got disappointed because the thing she was looking for was closed. Some other things happened that I can't remember, then I woke up.

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