Sunday, December 18, 2011

Malevolent Murderer

I was at a wedding for a friend, she was finally getting married to her boyfriend of... I don't know how long.  But here's the problem.  No one knew the guy she was getting married to.  Not his name, his face, where he came from, no one knew a single thing.  The wedding was a pleasant experience and everyone had a good time.  All sorts of good food, music, dancing, all the stuff you'd expect to see at a wedding.  After the whole thing was over, it seemed like my friend and her new husband would continue on happily. That is, until...

I learned the husband's true identity.  He was using a false name.  So I looked him up, trying to find any sort of information on him.  In 1982, He was a murderer.  Apparently, how it started was that he accidentally killed his first wife's baby.  Soon after their divorce, he went on killing more newborn children.  Seeing as he was listed as on the run, I contacted all victims of this guy and told them where he currently was.

The group gathered to go to my friend and her husband's house.  First, I bust in and grabbed my friend telling her there was no time to explain.  I carried her out and ran.  I looked over my shoulder to see the angry mob of former parents rushing into the household and continued running away as fast as I could.  Then I woke up.