Saturday, April 2, 2011

Unforgotten Scars

I was with friends hanging out.  We did our usual talk about random things and play videogames, go out to eat, that sort of thing.  Then someone that I've lost respect for came along.  Still trying to act like nothing happened and be friends with me again.  I told him to go away, and he refused asking why.  I blew up on him and told him everything that was wrong with him.  And as always, he flat out denied everything I said and started making shit up about me.

Now here's when things started to get serious.  He tried to touch me, and I grabbed hold of both of his arms.  I could feel my hands grasping his arms trying to keep them away from me.  We still kept arguing, and then I pushed him down.  I got on top of him and began choking him.  That was when the dream ended.

I'm scared that I can remember feeling my own hands choke him, rather than the fact that I did that in a dream.  Because, it's just a dream.  But when I woke up knowing that feeling, it was kind of scary.  But eh, at least it's just a dream.

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