Saturday, April 16, 2011

Multi Level Dream

This is the first time I've ever had a dream within a dream that consisted of more than two of them.  Right, let's get started...

Part One
I was in a dirty area full of trash and vegetation.  Looked like the aftermath of one hell of a party.  Not sure who'd have a party in the middle of a jungle, but whatever.  After walking around, I was attacked by something and then...

Part Two
I woke up in a hospital bed.  A nurse told me that I was exhausted and that I should rest awhile.  Moments later, one of my friends comes over and tell me that I should leave.  He explained to me something about being experimented on.  During this explanation, he yanked out the IV tube off of my skin and got me standing.  We ran off with many of the hospital staff chasing after us.  Once I opened the exit...

Part Three
I woke up at home.  I looked to my right and saw a note from my mom.  It was to buy groceries or something like that.  So I went out and drove to the local Albertsons.  But instead of that, it looked like it got replaced by a Walmart.  I went inside anyways.  While looking around, I saw two men having a fight.  All of a sudden, one of them pulled out a pistol and shot the other in the leg.  He saw me, and it looked like I became his next victim.  I ran like hell, but he caught up with me.  We were in an aisle full of tools.  I grabbed hammer and smashed it on his shoulder and continued running.  Somehow, he ended up in front of me and was holding a pair of shears.  He told me, "I will fucking scalp you."  And he proceeded to attempt to do so until I put the hammer in between the blades and continued running the fuck away.  At the exit...

Part Four
I woke up at home again.  I went downstairs to have some breakfast and saw mom.  So I decided to tell mom about what dreams I had while having breakfast.  A hole opened up under the chair I was sitting on and I fell in.

Then I finally woke up.

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