Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not My Own

Lately, my dreams have been... Well, they don't feel like they're mine.  Or rather, I know they're my dreams, but it feels like I'm not exactly there in the dream.  It's more like I'm watching something, like a movie.  Not really sure how to describe it any other way.  I suppose the most recent example is kinda different.  I "watched" myself do things.  Nothing special in particular, just going about life in general, things that I'd do regularly.  But I had no input on this at all.  I just watched myself do my normal routine of school, studying, baking, and videogames.  Eh, whatever.  It's spring break.  Gotta get some more sleep.

1 comment:

  1. Actually I'm going to pose a theory. Since it's Spring Break, there's little you have to wake for, and frequently you won't be distracted in the morning and make your dream memories disappear. Now one of the purposes of Dreaming and REM sleep is to sort out your memories, usually these are memories transitioning from short-term to long-term memories (this is why studying before bed is a good way to remember).

    You are essentially DVD ripping your memories from one disc to your hard drive and it's playing back stuff like you're watching it.

    Either way, you could also try to find meaning in it. Jung said that there's meaning to be found in all dreams because they are made by us, they tell us stuff that's meaningful to us.