Sunday, February 13, 2011

Silly Prizes

I was in a casino mixed with an arcade.  With me was a friend of mine.  Together, me and him played a lot of the games there, as we weren't exactly allowed to go into the casino area.  Then we got to the prize games.  But I didn't want to waste my points...  Suddenly, my friend got my attention and said, "Hey, I found something cool!  Take it." and with a smirk, he handed me a card.  He then explained to me that it was a card that cheated the prize machines.

One of the prize machines was based purely on luck.  No skill needed.  Played normally, it would give you a random amount of points to spend that machine.  But with the cheat card, it would have the machine yield a vast amount of points.  So, I spent a few hours gathering together many prizes...

I can't remember every prize I obtained, but the first was a cellphone.  It was strange.  The phone was like a glove that only went over your index finger.  How it worked was that, you put your index finger to your ear and think of who you're going to call.  Then the phone will start calling.

The second was another phone, similar to a Blackberry.  Or at least, it looked like a Blackberry.  It was pretty normal, worked like any other phone, but...  On the bottom side, there was what appeared to be a stun gun, and on the left side was a button that revealed a retractable knife.  Why the hell was this in the prize machine?

The last prize was...  A cat.  A black cat.  I was so confused.  What is this cat doing in the prize machine?  Why is it still alive?  Upon closer inspection, this cat was in poor condition.  It was starving and quite weak.  I felt sorry for it.  It was also my responsibility since it was now my prize.  So I took it home, wondering how I'd explain this to my parents.  Then I woke up.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Team

I was in the world of Pokemon.  I had a with me a team of six good pokemon.  They were:

  1. Dial, the Feraligatr
  2. Basil, the Nidoking
  3. Bud, the Pidgeot
  4. Violet, the Raticate
  5. Matilda, the Nidoqueen
  6. Lana, the Golem
The strange part of this is that all of these pokemon are from my Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Soul Silver that I'm currently working on.  Anyways, we had just beaten the Elite Four and we set off to conquer the Kanto region.  It was fun, traveling to Kanto.  Instead of keeping all of them in their pokeballs, I let them all out.  I always thought it'd be cooler that way.  Though I hadn't known it then, I thought this was a really nice dream.  But this was far from a dream; it was a nightmare.  Once we finally reached Kanto, I returned everyone to their pokeballs.  This was because I saw a poster with quarantine information.  Lots of deadly diseases and sicknesses were going around Kanto.  I wanted to challenge the gyms, but I did not want to risk my pokemon getting sick.  After all, they've been with me since Johto.  But it was inevitable.  Trainers still insisted on fighting, seemingly oblivious to the fact that sickness are all over Kanto...

The first one to get sick was Bud.  He seemed to have problems breathing and couldn't fly very well.  Next was Violet and Lana.  From a double battle, they had gotten a strange rash and flu like symptoms.  Matilda got something that made her very weak.  Basil had some sort of condition where he couldn't be healed properly.  Lastly, Dial, my starter, seemed to be immune.  But because of that, I used him in battles more often.  He had a lot of physical injuries and I was ready to give up on being a trainer.  I went to the nearest pokemon center and handed over my pokemon.  The nurse told me that my pokemon were in horrible conditions and that it would take longer to heal them.  I took a seat and felt like I had failed my pokemon.  Then I woke up.