Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was with a friend of mine and I had followed her around an airport.  We were trying to get to the plane...  The plane that only allowed people with special tickets on.  It was an evacuation plane because the town was filled with zombies.  My friend was one of them.  She didn't want to leave me there, but I told her to just go.  There was no chance I could get on that plane since I didn't have a ticket.  But then... We ran into other survivors.  They tried to take my friend away and steal her ticket.  I didn't take kindly to that.  There was one skinny guy with a gun and a big muscle head guy.  Didn't matter to me, I wanted to save her.  I went for the guy with the gun first.  Sure, he got a shot in, sort of, he grazed my left arm, but I kicked his ass and kicked away the handgun.  Then the muscle guy tried to get away with my friend and her ticket.  I lunged at him and started punching his neck.  Over, and over, and over I kept punching his neck until he was down.  It looked like the airport was being invaded by zombies and they all slowly flowed inside.  My friend's ankle was sprain, so I carried her on my back to the terminal and watched her leave through the gate.  I told the guards and the staff stationed there to leave now since the zombies were inside the building.  I stood there watching everyone leave, as zombies came closer and closer.  What I was thinking at that time as I heard that plane take off the ground:  As I thought, I'm a foolish nice guy.  With the zombies closing in, I decided to take a stroll around the airport as the zombies shuffled towards me.  When I found another survivor, the dream ended.


  1. nice blog bro imma following n showin my support daily :)

  2. You have some interesting dreams......