Thursday, September 2, 2010


Slept in pretty late today...  Anyways, I was sitting in a cafe and some of kind of tournament was going on.  Everyone was trying to figure out how to match up people.  Not sure what happened next, but Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z stood there being pissed off and there was a lot of guitar solos playing the background.  Then I woke up.

However, there was something peculiar about this dream.  Aside the randomness of things that happen within a dream.  It felt like I had "woken up" between two dreams.  Like, when I was in the cafe and saw Vegeta, I had woken up and was aware that I had woken up, but my eyes were still closed.  Since they were still closed, I kept them shut and continued sleeping.


  1. FUCK YES!

    I keep a dream journal and sometimes publish them on blogspot!

    Also, had my first real (longer than like 3 seconds) lucid dream this morning.

  2. Awesome post man! I'll be followin ya, check out my blog if you like.

  3. wut LOL

  4. I think from your dream trend you should stop watching as much anime for a while lol.