Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Duel With Death

I was on a beautiful island in the pacific, somewhere similar to Guam.  All of a sudden, everything turned dark and Death appeared before me.  Death was engulfed in a searing, black flame and his face was a skull.  He reached for his side and unsheathed a long sword.  The darkness vanished and Death slowly walked towards me.  I didn't have any weapon of my own to use, but I tried to do something.  I tried to unsheathe a sword too, or more like, I had pretended to.  I used the motion of drawing out a katana.  Magically, the katana had taken form and was now in my hand when I completed the swinging motion.  I charged at Death and we fought all over the island.  I think we either had super strength or magic... Or both, because this shit was like Bleach (without the talking).  We were flying all over the place and causing all sorts of destruction.  At one point, we lost the ability to fly and were becoming weaker and weaker.  I didn't want to die, naturally, so I kept on struggling with death.  We were on the beach slowly swinging our swords at each other in a miserable attempt to continue the fight.  Until a giant crocodile or alligator came out of nowhere and broke up the fight by trying to eat both of us.  Then I woke up.


  1. kind of an odd dream

  2. LoL this is a funny dream.

    DOnt get much lately.


  3. I'd get that checked out if I were you