Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Dream...

The beginning of this dream is very unclear. The first thing I remember is that I was with a group of friends at a festival. When the group had split up, I was left alone with a friend of mine. I'm not sure what happened next, but I guess I went out on a date with her at this festival. We walked around for awhile, just taking a look at the attractions. Then I decided to try and impress her and played one of the prize games there. I don't think this prize game was real, or ever could be. Well, I suppose it could, but considering the conditions, it's impossible. The game was split into two parts. The first one was easy, it was like some kind of test to discern tastes. Not sure what it had to do with the next part. The second part was to jump and try to reach the object at the top. Now, this object was very high up, maybe thirty feet. In the dream, I could jump pretty high, but never high enough to grab the object. After various tries, I gave up and went to go enjoy the other festivities with my friend. Lots of things, mostly food and games, but it was nice. After the festival ended, we went to a house party. Now here is where things start getting fuzzy. All I can remember is walking around the house with her. But the last thing I do remember is her holding my hand as she faded away and I woke up.

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