Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Lost Decision

My aunt and cousin had an argument, I don't know what, but it was bad enough to cause my cousin to run away from home. We spent countless days searching for her. A little later, I learned why my cousin ran away from her home. I'm still not clear on the details since this dream was quite long, but it was something like... I suppose this is hard to explain. I think it was my aunt and her attitude. I know there was more to that, but this is all I can remember about it. Well anyways, we found party invitations made by my cousin and we found them all over this four story high casino. It was very fancy, and each floor had a different theme. My aunt was on the verge of tears, she missed my cousin so much. Then, I saw my cousin sitting at a table with some friends while enjoying herself. I didn't know what to do. Should I have told my aunt? For the rest of that dream, I was torn apart between whether or not I should have told my aunt. Before we left the casino, I wrote down in a paper, "I know where she is" and gave it to my brother to see what I should do. When he read that paper, the dream ended.

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