Monday, February 16, 2009

An Odd Swim

I was at a swimming pool area with my classmates. Apparently, it was a part of PE. The first pool had too man people, and I had to be pulled out. The teacher pointed me in the direction of another pool up some steps. I asked why I couldn't go to the other ones which were much closer. He told me that some special guests were going to use it. So I went up to the other pool with the teacher. It was kinda dirty. No, I take that back. It was pretty damn dirty. He said, "Well, get started."
"It's murky." I replied back.
"Don't worry about that, it's not too bad."
So then I jumped in and swam around in it. My movements felt very restricted. The water was thick. I don't know if that was even water I was swimming in. On my way up, I bumped into something. I looked at it through my goggles and saw a dead animal. I don't know what, but it looks like it has been dead for quite some time. I got out and reported everything I experienced to the teacher. "I guess I'll have to make an exception today, you'll have to join our guests in the other pool. Go wash up." said the teacher. I went into the locker room and rinsed off the strange pool water...Liquid...Thing. Whatever the hell it is. When I went to the guests' pool, there were five little girls. All of them challenged me to a game. It was who could swim the most laps. All of them were very good swimmers, really fast too. But they got tired out just as fast. After I got done with the pool, I left it, dried up, and got dressed to leave. In the parking lot, I was about to go to my car when someone was staring at it. I moved closer to the car and we had a staring contest. Bastard better not try to break in to my car. He didn't. He broke into some other car. Then I grabbed the trunk of the car and crushed it. Not too sure how the hell that happened, but then I woke up.

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