Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bastard Step Brother

Something happened, and I became an orphan in the dream. Two very kind people adopted me. I was getting settled into my new home. All was well until someone came home from school. I wasn't enrolled in school for whatever reason. Well anyways, a student came home from school.

This guy just stared at me for a while. Then he walked up to me and smashed his fist into my face. For no damn reason at all. Then I retaliated. We fought for a long time. Those two step parents didn't intervene, they disappeared or something. We stopped after he ran off. I went to do something else.

There I was again doing nothing, not bothering anyone or anything. Just minding my own business. Then that bastard step brother came out of nowhere! He started beating me up. Then my real brother appeared. I thought he was going to help me, but instead he told me this, "Bitch, get up and kick his ass." And so I did. And damn it felt great. I got up and pushed down this step brother. I stomped all over his ribs and face. I rush to the backyard and grabbed a large heavy rock. Right as I was about to drop that rock on the step brother, I woke up.

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