Friday, January 30, 2009

Robot Couch?

Woah. Last night made no damn sense. But then again, most of my dreams never make any sense at all. I was sitting in the cockpit of a giant robot. It was really cool, but all the controls were very simple. All there was is two handles, each one had three or four buttons on it. There was also some pedals, but they didn't do anything. After making it walk around for awhile, my surroundings changed.

I was now sitting in couch somewhere. I'm not too sure about what was going on. For awhile, I was just sitting there. Then some of my friends started joining me. We didn't do anything at all, we were just sitting there doing nothing. The couch filled up, but more people came along anyways. They sat on the ground. Then people I don't even know start showing up. Then I woke up.

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